Seconds Save Lives, Dispatchers Save Seconds
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Department Listings Calls for Service Received and Dispatched
Jan 1 thru Dec 31, 2015

Dodge City Police Department

Dodge City Fire Department 1,280
Dodge City Animal Control 2,542
Ford County Sheriff's Department 13,172
Ford County EMS, Rescue and Fire 3,206
Kansas Highway Patrol 160
Spearville Police Department 128
Bucklin Police Department 91
911 Calls for Service  15,911
Communications Handled by Dispatch - calls not requiring a response 3,088
Communications Center Phone Calls - calls received non-emergency 99,521
Total Calls for Service 167,589


Communications Technician's Pledge

As Public Safety Communications Technicians, we are dedicated to serve the public, to safeguard life and property; and to assist our officers/responders in the performance of their duties. We recognized the high responsibility of our positions as a symbol of public faith and trust, and we will constantly strive to achieve the objectives and ideals which govern our profession. 


Ford County Communications Department

Director: Linda Smith

January 4th, 2016




Ford County Emergency Communications - We Never Close!!!


Our Mission


The mission of the Ford County Communications Team is to instill confidence and trust in the citizens and agencies of Ford County, by providing effective leadership in Emergency Communications.




Ford County and the City of Dodge City combined their Emergency Communication Departments in April of 1993 into one fully functional Emergency Communications and Dispatch Center. This center is located in the lower level of the Ford County Government Center at 100 Gunsmoke in Dodge City, Kansas. The Center, when fully staffed,  operates 24/7 with 15 full time, 1 part time telecommunicators. The centers operates as the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and the dispatch center for the Ford County Area. This means only one number to call for Police, Fire and Medical Services to all of Ford County's citizens and visitors.

Our telecommunicators are highly trained personnel. They are put through a 12 month training program. They are trained call takers, dispatchers and Emergency Medical Dispatchers or EMD. To find out more about our training visit the training section at the left.


More Information

Greetings from the Director Print E-mail
Written by Linda Smith   
Thursday, 03 January 2013 00:46


Our mission is to instill confidence and trust in the citizens and agencies of Ford County by providing effective leadership in Emergency Communications. We are currently working with GIS to provide updated mapping showing the newly addressed locations throughout our County and Dodge City. We are consistent in seeking educational tools to keep up with new technology and to provide moreefficient services. This profession enables us to be touched by all types of individuals that are experiencing all types of situations and we are hoping to make a difference for the good in their lives.
Ford County Communications was formed in 1993 to better serve the citizens of Ford County and we are the VITAL LINK/ the first responders to every call for service between the citizens and the Emergency Services Agencies. We are the people behind the scenes that have the responsibility to make sure callers give all of the information for the responders and dispatch responders to the right location and in a timely manner and monitor responders and callers for safety.
Our staff would like to thank you for the privilege of serving you this past year. Communications personnel are proud of this profession and feel that it can be one of the most rewarding professions of our time. We are looking forward to a new year of serving alongside our partners in Emergency Services in providing quality service to the citizens of Ford County and to those passing through. May 2014 bring wonderful blessings to all of us.
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